NEFFA Festival Rating Codes

Each event at the Festival has assigned to it one or more event codes to give you an idea of what to expect during the session.

Event Types

E Entertainment
Events in which people watch or listen (concerts, performances, etc.)
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P Presentation
Events which focus on demonstrating a particular skill or presenting educational material (as in a lecture)
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C Chat
Events which are primarily informal discussions.
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G Group participation
Events in which audience participation is the primary focus (group singing, jam sessions, discussions, etc.)
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T Teaching featured
Events in which imparting a skill is the primary focus.
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D Participatory Dancing
Dances in which walk-thrus and prompting are provided by leader.
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N No instruction/walk-thrus
Dances in which no instruction or walk-thrus are provided.
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Event Levels

F Family-oriented
Participatory events especially geared to families and others who enjoy being with children
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B Beginner friendly
No experience assumed.
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S Some experience helpful
Basic knowledge assumed.
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X eXperienced
Much experience assumed.
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